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AMRAAM Pk가 96%라는 뇌피셜에는 팩폭이 답.
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1. 원래 제대로된 자료는 OOOO OO에서 OOOO메뉴얼로 인가된 방식으로 Pk를 산출해야함.
   당근 개발국 소유의 비밀임.

2. 1의 값을 정확히 알 수 없다고해도 이런 경우, 실전 기록 살펴보면 대충 답이 나옴.

 솔직히 더 좋은 자료도 많은데, 96%류의 뇌피셜 질러대는 아재 수준에서
딱 좋은 것은 역시... 영문 위키 수준임. 더 이상 대단한 자료 찾아와서 Fact 깔아달라고 바라지도 않음.

Kill probability and tactics[edit]

General considerations[edit]

The kill probability (Pk) is determined by several factors, including aspect (head-on interception, side-on or tail-chase), altitude, the speed of the missile and the target, and how hard the target can turn. Typically, if the missile has sufficient energy during the terminal phase, which comes from being launched at close range to the target from an aircraft with an altitude and speed advantage, it will have a good chance of success. This chance drops as the missile is fired at longer ranges as it runs out of overtake speed at long ranges, and if the target can force the missile to turn it might bleed off enough speed that it can no longer chase the target. Operationally, the missile, which was designed for beyond visual range combat, has a Pk of 59% (17 missiles for 10 kills).[12] The targets included six MiG-29s, a MiG-25, a MiG-23, a Galeb and a US Army Blackhawk that was targeted by mistake.[13]

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